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The research team publish their findings in international peer-reviewed scientific journals. Click on the open-access links to read about the development of the stable isotope dating method and a reconstruction of summer precipitation for the UK and north western Europe from 1200 CE - present.

Working with the Royal Meteorological Society we have developed a series of resources to support teaching and learning activities for schools these are accessible through the Royal Meteorological Society’s Metlink Programme. This includes a short non-specialist animation explaining how tree-rings can be used to study the climate of the past:

Studying the climate from tree-rings: a cartoon explaining the basics of dendroclimatology

We have developed a simple tool for exploring the statistical relationship between tree-rings and climate data. The SwanCal app is designed to aid the development of annualised climate reconstructions. SwanCal is currently in beta-development, so users are advised to independently check their results. Click on the links to access SwanCal-BETA and a demonstration dataset.

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